Indian Casino Cashback Bonuses

If you do a lot of online gambling, then you’ll want to look for the best casino cashback offers. These bonuses are great for any player, but they will really benefit those who regularly wager large amounts of cash. That’s because cashback bonuses actually give you some of your lost cash back!

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What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

It’s really just what it sounds like! A cashback bonus literally gives you some of your lost cash back over a certain time period.

Cashback bonuses are typically offered to all players, whether new or existing. They are usually offered only for specific time periods. For example, a cashback bonus might give you back a percentage of your lost wagers during a set one week period.

The amount that a cashback bonus gives you will vary depending on the casino. Some casinos offer 20% while others offer 10% or less. Overall, the more you wager, the more cash you’ll get back from the cashback bonus.

How a Cashback Bonus Works

confusedClaiming a cashback bonus is simple. The first step is to check the casino promotions page – this is where you’ll find info on all the current bonuses offered by the casino. You’ll need to explicitly opt-in to the cashback bonus on the promotions page in order to receive it. This is also where you’ll find the bonus terms and conditions.

Once you have activated your cashback bonus, all you need to do is play casino games! A typical cashback bonus runs weekly and is paid on Fridays. That means that any wagers you lose during the week will count towards the cashback bonus.

Cashback bonuses give you a set percentage of your losses back. That percentage can range from 5-30% or even more if you find a really good offer. That means that the more you wager, the more you’ll get back from a cashback bonus.

Cashback Bonus Terms

terms and conditionsEvery casino bonus has its own unique terms and conditions. The bonus terms will explain all the bonus requirements and restrictions. It’s crucial that you always read the casino bonus terms before you accept any bonus offer. That includes cashback bonuses.

Some cashback bonuses only apply to wagers lost on certain casino games. For example, you might find that most table games are excluded from the majority of cashback offers. In other cases, table games do count towards the cashback bonus but they only count for 50% of any lost wagers on those games.

Not all online casinos offer the cashback bonus, so be sure to check our cashback casino list to find a few great choices. Our experts have spent countless hours researching and reviewing every online casino site we recommend. If we have listed a casino here, then you can sure it’s safe for Indian players.

Most online casinos also place a maximum limit on the amount of cash you can actually get from a cashback bonus during a specific timeframe. This is typically a monthly limit. For example, the bonus might limit you to just $250 in cashback per month regardless of how much you wager or which casino games you play.

Cashback Bonuses FAQ

  • What is a cashback casino bonus?

    A cashback casino bonus will give you a percentage of your lost wagers back during a certain time period. The percentage you receive back depends on the casino and typically ranges from 5-30% for the best cashback offers. Typically, any casino players are eligible for these bonuses regardless of how much they wager over time.
  • Are casino cashback bonuses unlimited?

    In most cases the answer is no. The casino needs to make money too! They are often limited to a certain maximum amount of cashback during a week or month. In many cases, cashback bonuses also only apply to specific casino games like slots. Certain table games might not be eligible for cashback bonuses, or might only contribute half of your lost wagers. That said, casino cashback bonuses are still a nice way to offset some of your losses.
  • Who is eligible for casino cashback offers?

    Overall, most online casinos offer cashback bonuses to all players. It usually doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or existing player, or if you’re a small stakes or high stakes gambler. That said, some online casinos do have separate cashback offers depending on your high roller or VIP status. Gamblers who are considered high rollers or VIPs can sometimes access better cashback offers that give out higher percentages of lost wagers and have higher maximum limits.
  • Do cashback offers work on all casino games?

    At most casinos, the answer is no. The most common scenario is that the cashback offer will work on all slot games, but might not work on all table games. Sometimes, table games only offer half of your total lost wagers on those games. Another common scenario is that the cashback offer might only apply to one game or specific slots title. Casinos do this to try and get more players to try new games.
  • Do cashback bonuses have wagering requirements?

    In general they do not, but they do usually have other restrictions to be aware of. We strongly recommend that you always read the bonus terms and conditions for any casino bonus you’re thinking about using. Cashback bonus offers are typically limited in the maximum amount of cash that will be paid back during a set timeframe (week, month, etc.) and are often limited only to certain casino games.
  • Does every casino offer a cashback bonus?

    No, not every online casino has a cashback bonus offer. However, many of the best online casinos for Indian players do. We have put together a curated list of cashback casinos here on this page to help you find the best online casino. Our gambling experts have spent hundreds of hours reviewing these sites to make sure that they are safe for Indian gamblers. If you use a cashback online casino that we recommend here, you can play with confidence knowing that it is safe.